3M Japan 3M Scotch super strong double-sided tape Premier Gold Super multi-use (for rough surface) 12mm KPR-12 DIY · garden double-sided tape

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“3M Scotch Super Strong Double-Sided Tape Premier Gold Super Versatile (For Rough Surface) 12 mm KPR-12” is a double-sided tape that can be used on plywood, plastic, wood and veneers with a soft base and rough surface. It is a strong type in which an acrylic adhesive is applied to a tough acrylic high soft foam base material. It conforms well to deformation and shrinkage of the material and exhibits good adhesion to rough surfaces.


category DIY garden
Material ・ Item Double-sided tape
Product brandScotch
sizeWidth 12mm x length 1.5m, thickness 1.1mm
Use● Materials that can be bonded
Metal (iron, aluminum, stainless steel etc)
Soft and Hard Chlorinated Plastics
Interior tile
Hard rubber
Polyethylene and polypropylene

● Materials and places that can not be bonded
Silicone / fluorine resin processing surface
Surface where paint is easy to come off
Soft rubber
Convex (wallpaper, veneer)
Rough surface (concrete block etc)
Sand wall
A humid place such as a bathroom
Always flooded
how to usePlease check the material and weight and use it in the following procedure.
(1) Stain on the adhesive side, wipe off moisture and oil, and dry it well.
(2) With reference to the standard of load, cut the tape to the required length and stick it firmly to the back of the thing you want to bond with the paper attached.
※ If you touch the adhesive surface or put it back, the adhesive strength will drop.
(3) Peel off the paper, stick it to the place you want to attach, and press firmly with your thumb for 3 seconds.
(4) It takes one day for the adhesive strength of the tape to be produced. Until then, be careful not to put much pressure on the tape.
Usage notes● This product may cause unexpected damage depending on the method of use and conditions of use. Do not use this product for any purpose other than the one described.
● Please do not stick to the skin.
● Do not pull hard on the tape as it may cut your hands with paper.
● Please do not use for fragile things.
● In case something goes wrong, do not use it in a place where it may cause damage to people or other things if the adhesive falls.
● It will be difficult to bond at temperatures below 10 ° C. It is recommended to use a tape and paste with a dryer, etc., and a warm place to paste.
● This product is not a product that is premised on peeling off. Because the adhesive strength is high, when peeling off, the adhesive surface may be damaged or it may be left behind, so use it in a place where the rest may remain.
Keep out of reach of children ●, please keep in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.
● Dispose of in accordance with the instructions of the local government.
Standard of load● polypropylene together (smooth surface): 7.8 N (800 g)
Polyethylene ● (smooth surface): 2.6 N (270 g)
● veneers: 6.4 N (660 g)
※ It is a standard of the weight that can endure with the length 2cm (room temperature 25 degrees) of this tape.
※ With these figures as a guide, please use it with a margin in the length of the tape.
※ The above weight is a standard, not a guaranteed value.
Product Specifications● Adhesive strength: super strong
● tape color: gray
● Tape thickness: 1.1 mm
● Weatherability: indoor / outdoor
● Use temperature range after bonding: -20 degrees-80 degrees
Country of originJapan
Contact informationSumitomo 3M Corporation MRO and Home Improvement Division


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