BAND-AID (Band-Aid) octopus-corns 6 pieces for removal toes [specified quasi-drugs] *AF27*

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category Health care
Material ・ Item Adhesive plaster for shoe deviation / auction
Product brandBand aid (BAND-AID)
Internal capacity6 sheets
Usage notes● Do not use for infants.
● Do not use in warts, around the eyes, mucosa, face, soft skin surface (around the neck, etc.), inflamed or scarred.
People who have experienced allergic symptoms by theirs or their families should consult a doctor or pharmacist per use.
● Avoid direct sunlight, keep it in a cool place as possible.
● When using, read the document to use well.
componentActive ingredient: salicylic acid (40% of compounding amount)
Additive: paste cushion, other 2 ingredients
Effect / effectOctopus, seaweed


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