Nichiban Battlewin taping tape non-stretch type C38F for ankles and elbows 1 volume medical treatment taping tape

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"Battlewine taping tape non-stretch type C38F for 1 ankle, elbow" is a fixing tape that can be widely used for prevention of sports injuries, first aid treatment, and prevention of recurrence. This product has strong holding power and firmly supports the site of use. Because of its good permeability, it is less likely to catch rashes, and it is safe for those with weak skin. Because it is easy to use and easy to use, it is also useful for first aid treatment. Taping is a technology that can protect and support areas that are prone to stress, and limit the movement so that the area is not stressed too much. Please use it for sports etc. Non-stretchable type. Width 38mm x length 12m. One volume.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Taping tape
Product brandBattle win
Internal capacity1 roll
'S (exterior)85*43*110(mm)
Product SummaryWidth 38mm * length 12m
Usage notes● Do not use it directly for people with adhesive tape tape rashes, allergic symptoms (such as rash, redness, itching, etc.) or Scratch gum, skin inflammation.
● When using for treatment, please be sure to use according to the guidance of your doctor (We can not guide the treatment method).
MaterialCotton cloth, adhesive (rubber)
Country of originJapan
Quality assurance deadlineDue date: listed in order of year / month.


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