Supigadoro dice tomatoes 400g

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"Montebello Dice Tomato 400 g" is a dice tomato with a wide range of use, which made it possible to cut cutting time and heating time.
Because the sweetness of ripe tomato can be tasted as it is, it is also cold pasta. Use round sweet tomatoes.


category hood
Material item Cut tomato (dice tomato)
Product brandMontebello
Internal capacity400 g (solid content 280 g)
Usage notes● Please be careful not to cut your hand at the incision during can opening.
● After opening the can, please transfer to a container such as Glass and save it in the refrigerator, please use as soon as possible.
● Please do not fire direct fire as can.
Preservation methodAvoid direct sunlight and store at normal temperature.
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.● Raw material name: tomato, tomato juice, citric acid ● Nutrient content display: energy: 24.75 kcal per 100 g, lipid: 0.43 g, carbohydrate: 0.48 g, sodium: 3.80 mg, vitamin C: 21 mg, carotene: 0.39 mg, lycopene: 15.0 mg
Country of originItaly
Contact InformationMonte Products Co., Ltd.: 0120-348566

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