MashiMaro and incense sudachi Ponzu 360ml

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"Haguruma Maroya Suda Chi popon vinegar 360ml" is a mellow ponzu (ponzu vinegar) with the rich aroma and acidity of the sudachi and the taste of carefully selected bonito and kelp.
To hot pot. Other grilled fish. Cool to the cold. With plenty of bukkake udon. Please try a variety of delicious.


category hood
Material ・ Item Ponzu (ponzu)
Product brandHagra
Internal capacity360 ml
please note• The shelf life is the date when quality is maintained when stored in the manner shown, in the unopened state.
・ Please be careful in handling, as the contents may splash when opening.
・ After opening, store in a refrigerator (10 degrees or less), and enjoy it as soon as possible regardless of the shelf life.
・ The bottle (body) is GlaStainleStainless Steel Steel bottle. Garbage separation should follow the classification of the local government.
Preservation methodPlease save away from direct sunlight.
Raw material name, nutritional component etc.● Ingredients: soy sauce (本 醸 造), citrus juice (suzuki, daidai), glucose fructose sugar liquid sugar, mirin, sugar, vinegar vinegar, kelp extract, salt, dried bonito extract, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidulant, (of raw materials Some contain wheat, soy, mackerel)


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