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"Hot & Cool Pad LLs" is a soft pad that can be used over a wide range, such as from the back of the neck to the back, waist from the back.
Relaxed with reasonable weight and warmth on the back and waist. It is possible to warm the knee etc. like wrapping it.
Icing etc can also be done efficiently. It does not become hard even if it cools in the freezer and it is perfect fit.
You can use it all year round regardless of the season.


category Sanitary care
Material item All thermal pads
Product brandHot & Cool Pad
weight1200 g
size33 * 40 * 2 cm
please noteAlways obey heating time. Please do not heat in auto heating mode etc.
MaterialBody: 100% frontal rayon, 100% lining natural rubber
Border cloth: Polyester, Cotton
Gel: Cellulose, inner bag: Nylon
Country of originTaiwan

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