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category Health care
Material ・ Item Reading glasses
Product brandNeovision
Medical device manufacture and sale notification number18B3X00027004 NEO (General medical equipment)
how to use● How to turn on / off the light Move the switch under the vine forward → Move the switch under the light vine backward → Off

● Insert the battery Lightly push the Vine's Inside lid, slide it while rolling clockwise, and open it.
※ Battery used: CR 1025
Usage notes● This product is eyeglasses for eyesight correction, it is easy to see the letters of the hand that became difficult to see.
● Do not use in places with steps such as driving or walking a car or going up or down stairs.
● Do not leave it in direct sunlight. Focusing with a lens may cause a fire.
● As plastic materials are sensitive to heat, please do not leave them near heating appliances or in hot places such as cars and saunas under the sun.
Country of originChina


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