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"Menicon O 2 Care Hard Lense Washing and Storage Solution 2 Pack 120 ml × 2 (240 ml)" is a washing and preserving solution for oxygen permeable hard lense. * Oxygen permeable hard contact lense requires protein washing. For protein removal, please use Menuicon Prote Off or Menicon Proget (sold separately). Quasi-drugs.


category Sanitary care
Material item Washing and storing for hard lense
Product brandMenicon
Internal capacity2 packs (120 ml × 2)
how to use※ How to use (in case of using Proteoff)
Rotate the cap clockwise to close and open the bottle. Before handling lense, always wash your hands with soap and rinse with tap water (running water, the same below).

● When saving lense
(1) Insert 1 drop of Proteoff per 1 lense into the lense case which contains this liquid until 9th ​​minute.
(2) Remove lense from the eyes and store it in lense case (over 2 hours).

● When you stop lense
(3) Rinse the lense with the tap water together with the holder.
(4) Apply this solution to the lense adequately and rub it with the fingers of three fingers so that nails do not touch the lense.
(5) Store the lense in a holder and rinse thoroughly with tap water.
(6) Remove the lense from the holder and put it on your eyes.
(7) The lense case is rinsed with tap water and dried naturally.
Usage notes● If you have ever experienced allergic symptoms such as with care products ever, please consult your eye doctor before use.
● Eye drops Please do not take. If you get into the eyes by mistake, immediately wash your eyes with tap water (running water), and please consult an ophthalmologist. If you drink it by mistake, please drink tap water immediately and get a doctor's diagnosis.
● Do not use items that have passed the expiration date.
● Do not use anything that has been altered or discolored.
● If you are using a small child, please give parents guidance and supervision.
● Do not reuse the liquid used for storage.
please note● Be sure to read the display matter before using.
● If you mistake the handling method, you will not be able to wear a lense, but may cause eye damage. If you feel any trouble even a little, please consult an ophthalmologist immediately.
● This liquid can not be used for soft contact lense.
● For the handling of lense, please carefully read the lense attachment and carefully follow its usage.
componentMain component: anionic surfactant, nonionic surfactant
Country of originJapan
Storage and Handling Precautions● Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool and dark place (refrigerator etc.) to avoid freezing.
Please keep it out of reach of small children ●.
● During lense wearing, if you feel abnormalities in eyes and skin, stop using lense and this solution, please consult your doctor.
● After opening, keep the cap tightly and use it as soon as possible.
Contact InformationMenicon Menicon Corp. Customer Center Co., Ltd.

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