Keni Pharmaceutical contacts Purified water for lense 500 ml Hygienic medical contacts Purified water for lense

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"500 ml purified water for contact lense" is refined water for contact lense which was treated with high temperature purified water by ion exchange. It can be used as a dissolving agent to prepare the cleaning solution of contact lense and preservation solution.


category Sanitary care
Material item Contact water for purified lense
Product brandKena
Internal capacity500 ml
Usage notes● Contact lense Please do not use as a loading solution.
● Do not use this for cleaning and storing soft contact lense. (There is a possibility that the lense may be distorted.)
● When using the prepared cleaning solution or preservative solution, rinse thoroughly with preservation (preparation) solution in the case of soft contact lense, be sure to wear after boiling and disinfecting as specified. (Oxygen permeable hard lense, boiling disinfection is unnecessary.)
● After taking out the liquid, seal it immediately and do not leave it in the open state.
● Please do not return the liquid once removed to the original container.
● When the tip of the container touches human fingers etc., please be careful because liquid may become contaminated or cloudy due to bacteria etc. Also, please do not use smell, turbidity, sedimentation occurred.
Storage precautions● Avoid direct sunlight.
● When possible, please keep sealed in a cold place (refrigerator etc).
● Please do not replace with other containers.

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