Enix folding reading glasses 2.5 (with strap case) hygiene medical reading glasses for portable use

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Item Number:E210953H
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"Folding reading glasses 2.5 (with with strap case)" is for portable glasses for folding pockets. It is a compact, very light and convenient product of the aspherical lense specification. It is convenient to use the strap case immediately when you need it by attaching the strap case to a thing that you usually carry like a mobile phone, bag, key etc. General medical equipment.


category Sanitary care
Material item Reading glasses for portable use
Product brand# N / A
Manufacturing sale notification number18B3X00004AT0010 (general medical equipment)
Usage notes1. This product is glasses for vision correction. It is made for the purpose of making it easier to see the characters and other hands that have become hard to see. Please be sure to remove it when driving or walking.
2. Avoid using the stairs up or down, where there are steps.
3.Plasticlense may also be damaged if there is a strong shock, so please be careful.
4. Do not rotate unnecessarily as this will cause the nose pad or Plastic part at the end of the crown to come off.
5. If you feel uncomfortable or vision abnormalities etc. during use, please consult your doctor.
6. Sweat, hairdressing may cause plating peeling, discolors. Also, please be careful as it may cause allergies etc. as it is used.
Periodically, you should conduct inspections such as washing and loose screws, and use them.
Country of originChina
Contact InformationEnix Corporation
TEL: 0776-21-4472

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