Taiyo Pharmaceutical Taiyo Pharmaceutical Contact for Purified Water 500 ml Sanitary Medical Contact Purified Water for lense

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"Taiyo Pharmaceutical Contact Purified Water 500 ml" is purified water for contact lense purified by ion exchange resin, filtered and UV (ultraviolet ray) sterilized.


category Sanitary care
Material item
Product brandOcean pharmaceutical
Internal capacity500 ml
Use1. Soft Contact As a preservative solution for lense, granules for making a rinse solution, as water for dissolving tablets (This product can not be used for storing soft contact linen and rinsing with this product alone.)
2. As a hard contact lense rinse

● Usage of other
1. As water for steam iron
2. As a humidifier, water for humidifying inhaler
3. As a battery replenisher
how to use● Opening the cap Open it so that it pushes up with the abdomen of the finger.
※ Caution: There is a risk of hurting your nails if you lift with your nails.

● How to crush a bottle
1. Grasp the middle of the bottle with both hands and crush.
2. After pressing firmly, close the cap so that no air enters, discard.
Storage and Handling Precautions1. Avoid direct sunlight, seal tightly after opening, please keep in a cold place such as a refrigerator as much as possible.
2. Handle cap, bottle mouth etc. cleanly, please use as soon as possible.
3. Do not put anything in another container.
4. Do not use the liquid used to rinse and preserve the lense again.
5. Please do not use those that expired.
6. If you feel irritation on the eyes or feel abnormal, discontinue use and consult your doctor or pharmacist.
Contact InformationTaiyo Pharmaceutical Customer Consultation Window Toll-free: 0120-184328
Reception hours: 10 am - 5 pm (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

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