ASICS (ASICS) ASICS a-Flex Bandage 15 CP7051 Hygienic and medical bandage

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The ASICS a-Flex Bandage 15 CP7051 is an elastic bandage used to reinforce icing taping. Easy-to-use design that winds from both ends, and also uses surface fasteners (soft magic (R)) to prevent damage to the bandage at both ends. The back side is treated with floating yarn and finished in good touch. 15cm * 4.5m on knees, thighs, hips and shoulders.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Bandage
Product brandAsics
size15 cm * 4.5 m (at the time of extension)
MaterialPolyester, poly Urethane
Use siteKnees, thighs, hips, shoulders


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