Osaki Medical Sterilization Operation Gauze TS 8-10 30 bags

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"Sterilizing operation Gauze TS 8-10 30 bags" is a sterile operation Gauze using "Tyvek R" as a sterilization package. Soft and absorbable, medical Gauze Type I surgery and treatment Gauze. The weight per piece (30 cm x 30 cm) is (3 g) constant. General medical equipment.


Product brandOperation Gauze
Internal capacity10 sheets x 30 bags
size30 cm x 30 cm (8 fold fold)
Report number23B2X10001000004 (general medical equipment)
Product Specifications(Contraindication / prohibition)
No reuse

(Shape, structure, principle, etc.)
It is a Gauze product of Cotton 100%.

(Purpose of use, efficacy or effect)
Refers to instruments consisting mainly of Gauze intended to be applied to surgical incisions, other skin wounds or internal structures, for the purpose of inhibiting bleeding, absorption of fluids, abrasion, protection of organs from drying or contamination.

(Operation method or usage method etc.)
Use it accordingly.

(Usage Notes)
● Do not leave your body.
● Do not use if the package is opened, broken or stained.
● Use after opening as soon as possible.

(Storage and storage method and period of use etc.)
● Storage method: Keep away from direct sunlight and fire, keep it in a clean place with less humidity.
● Expiration date: displayed on container or encapsulation
Contact InformationOsaki Medical Co., Ltd. Customer consultation room: 0120-15-0039
(Reception hours 10: 00-17: 00 * except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

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