Pip Kinesiology Expansion and contraction fitting Taping comfort Ventilated hand type Type For finger neck 25 mm x 4.0 m 2 bottles sanitary medical tape taping tape

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"Kinesiology stretch fit fit taping Comfortable ventilator type finger neck type 25 mm x 4.0 m 2 bottles" is a taping tape that supports muscles and joints tired of everyday movements and sports. Use a breathable comfort material and a low irritation adhesive. It is gentle to your skin, and it is subjected to strong water repellent finish to sweat / shower. It is convenient because it is a type that can be broken with hands.


category Sanitary care
Material item Taping tape
Product brandPip Sports
size25 mm x 4.0 m
Internal capacity2 pieces
how to use(1) Wipe off sweat and grease on your skin.
(2) Cut the tape to the length corresponding to the part to be stuck.
(3) Peel off the tape from the paper. (See "How to peel off flaking paper and tape" on the back of the front label.)
(4) Basic sticking method ● When sticking along the muscle: In the state where the muscle is extended, stick the end of the tape to your skin, fix it, paste little by little so as not to pull it.
● When wrapping joints: Secure the center of the tape on your skin, paste it a bit while pulling.

(How to store)
(1) Keep out of reach of children (under 6 years old).
(2) Be careful not to get wet with water or direct sunlight, keep it in a cool place with low humidity.
Usage notes1. Do not use in the following cases (Symptoms may get worse.)
(1) immediately after fracture
(2) immediately after ligament injury
(3) Wound
(4) dermatitis
(5) Persons who have rash or allergic symptoms due to adhesive tape
2. If symptoms such as rash, redness, itching appear during use, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.
3. You do not have to pull the tape. (There is a danger of hurting your skin.)
4. When peeling the tape, in order to minimize the burden on the skin, press down so that the skin does not lift, peel slowly while folding the tape.
5. If you pull the tape with strong tension, persistent tension may be applied to the skin, which may cause skin trouble, so be careful.
6. Use under the guidance of parents who need supervision.
7. To prevent rash
(1) If you feel itching or pain, immediately peel off.
(2) Do not stick it to the same place continuously.
(3) If it does not fit your skin, peel off immediately.
MaterialElastic adhesive tape
Contact InformationPIP Co., Ltd. Customer consultation room
(10: 00-17: 00 excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)

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