Fumakilla Fumakilla 200 ml for Kobavaria kitchen

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"Fuma Killer Kobae Barrier Kitchen 200ml" is an anti-insect spray spray for disinfecting and deodorizing Plats that does not come with 100% food ingredients.
Because it is made of food ingredients, it can be used safely in the kitchen. The food component ((E) -3-phenylpropenal) contained in cinnamon is fermented with W power of fermented alucole to keep the fly away and suppress the outbreak.
Fermented a Lucool smothers and kills the fly's body surface. There is also a deodorizing and deodorizing effect of odors that are anxious with deodorant ingredients derived from plants.


Product brandFumakilla Kobae
Internal capacity200ml
Applied pestDrosophila (fly)
how to use● Turn the injection port to "ON" and use it. Please turn it off after use.
● Please spray from a distance of 10-20 cm.
● If you want to repel (adult): Please spray the triangle corner, strainer, trash can, etc., where you do not want to fly the fly.
Triangular corner / 3 blow, trash (45 L) / 9 blow
● After treatment, the repellent effect persists. ※ It varies according to the use situation.
● If you exterminate directly: Adults, larvae, eggs that are on raw waste, please spray directly so that the whole gets wet enough.
※ Please do not spray to flying fly.

● Applied pest
Drosophila (fly)
Usage notes● Do not drink.
● Do not use other than the purpose.
● Use well ventilated and do not inhale spray directly.
● If it gets in your eyes, wash away with running water, and if swallowed, drink plenty of water and consult a physician.
● Wash skin thoroughly with soap when it gets on your skin.
● Keep out of reach of children, where it gets hot.
● If you feel any abnormality in your body, drink plenty of water and consult your doctor.
● Stains ・ Discolors cause, so do not use on painted surfaces such as water-based wax / paint / varnish, acrylic or styrene plastic etc.
● Do not get in contact with food and drink, dishes, feed, appreciation fish, pets such as birds, and plants.
● Be careful with fire as there is a risk of fire.
● Be aware that the gas alarm may operate.
● Dispose of used containers as plastic waste.
componentActive ingredients: (E) -3-phenylpropenal, ethanol (fermented alucole), persimmon extract
Contact informationFumakilla Customer Relations Department: 0077-788-555.03-3255-6400


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