Bausch & Lomb Super cleaner Advance 30ml *AF27*

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"Boshurom Super Cleaner Advance Type" is a cleaning solution that you can use for all hard contact lense. Three kinds of surfactant formulation is a washing solution that effectively loses lense's Stain. If you leave Stain attached to the lense during handling or wearing as it is, it causes deterioration in visual acuity and wearing feeling. After removing the lense, please use the Super Cleaner Advance type and clean thoroughly.


Product brandBausch & Lomb
Internal capacity30 ml
how to use1. Place the lense on the palm with the concave side up and drop 4-5 drops of the super cleaner and scrub both sides of the lense.
2. Rinse thoroughly with tap water so that the super cleaner does not remain on the lense surface.
3. Lense in lense case, fill new preservation solution and save.
Usage notes· Please do not drop eye drops or take this medicine.
componentMain component: cationic, nonionic, anionic surfactant

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