Lek Dishwasher Hard Angle Daily Necessities Soap Pump / Dispenser

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"Sfile dispenser 800 ml Blue" is a convenient dispenser for refilling shampoo and body soap.


category Daily necessities
Material item Soap pump dispenser
Product brandSfile
capacity800 ml
how to use(1) Turn the cap in the direction of the arrow (counterclockwise) and remove it from the bottle body.
(2) Hold the white part, turn the top of the nozzle (counterclockwise) and raise the nozzle.
Usage notes● Please do not put near fire.
● Since it may soften and degrade, please do not put volatile things, thinners, light removal liquids, au coals etc.
● Please do not put hot water etc. above 40 degrees.
● When opening the nozzle, please hold down the cap (base of the nozzle) firmly and then turn the nozzle.
● Please do not place in direct sunlight.
● When closing the cap, please close it so that the tip of the straw obliquely follows the outer circumference of the bottom of the bottle.
● After tightly tightening the cap, please push it several times until its contents come out.
● When water is directly applied such as shower, please note that water will enter the container through the gap of the pump.
● In the following cases, there is a risk of leakage.
· When putting heavy things on top or stepping on.
· When leaving it for a long time with its contents falling down.
MaterialPump: Polypropylene, bottle: PET, Straw: polyethylene
Country of originChina
Contact InformationLec Corporation Customer call center
TEL: 03-5847-0616 (Reception time: Weekday 9: 00-16: 00)

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