Japan Health and Dental Care - 20 This thick soft interdental brush type M-L size *AF27*

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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's soft interdental brush thick type MLs 20 pcs. Is a rubber type that does not use Wire, and it is an interdental brush that removes eating debris and dental plaque that causes periodontal disease, alveolar pyorrhea and dental caries. is. A tapered tip that can be inserted smoothly even between narrow teeth. The rubber-like soft brush has a soft feel and ease of use. We massage gums comfortably and fit smoothly from narrow tooth space to wide tooth space. I do not use Metal (Wire). Thick type. ML's.


Product brandKobayashi Pharmaceutical
Internal capacity20 pieces
how to use(1) Remove one interdental brush before use.
(2) While looking at the mirror, slowly insert it vertically into the interdental part so as not to damage the gums, and move it back and forth finely to clean it.

● We recommend using this product once per hygiene and function.
● If the space between the teeth is narrow and the brush is difficult to enter, please use "yarn tooth".
Standard of● For those who use M · L 's with a commercially available interdental brush.
● The tip of the brush is tapered, and the center is M's, and the root is L's.
Usage notes● Use without bending the shaft
● Due to the characteristics of the product, this product is soft and breaks when it is subjected to excessive force, and it bends and causes damage to the brush, so use it slowly without using force.
● If the space between teeth is narrow and difficult to insert, the teeth and gums may be damaged, so do not insert or rotate forcibly
● If you have weakened gums may bleed, but with daily use the bleeding will gradually decrease. If bleeding persists, refrain from use and consult a dentist
● This product is an interdental cleaning brush, so it is not used for purposes other than cleaning between teeth.
Quality indicationMaterial of pattern: polypropylene
Brush material: Thermoplastic elastomer
Heat resistance temperature: 90 degrees
Country of originJapan
Contact informationKobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Customer Service Office
Toll-free number: 0120-5884-05
Reception hours 9: 00-17: 00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)


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