Life Art Club Mushi's Bye-bye Refill 400ml

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"Mushi-san by-bye refill 400ml" is an insect repellent that prevents the insects from coming in due to the power of plants. Aomori Hiba essential oil and other plant essential oils, and cypress distilled water are blended, and the power of plants keeps them from pests.
As we do not use chemical agents such as pesticide ingredients, it is most suitable for home with children and pets.
The pouch is a lightproof type, and after opening it can be plugged and stored. For refilling.


Product brandBye bye series
Internal capacity400ml
how to usePlease spray regularly on places where you can often see insects such as kitchens, under sinks, trash cans, washrooms, toilets etc., and entrances and exits around entrances, doors, Ami doors, drains etc.
Usage notes● This product has confirmed high safety, but please do not spray it for people or pets.
● Do not place in direct sunlight or high temperatures.
Please keep out of reach of children ● to avoid accidental drinking.
● Please do not use outside the application.
● Please be sure to refill the bottle of Mushi's bye-bye.
● In order to use it hygienically, wash the pump and empty part of the bottle before refilling with tap water, dry it completely, and then refill it.
● Please tightly close the pouch cap after opening.
● Because they use natural ingredients, they may be separated. Please shake gently and use it.
● Please do not mix with other products.
First aidWhen it gets in your eyes, please rinse with water immediately.
Avoid heavy use in a closed room.
In addition, please drink water immediately when swallowing, and consult your doctor if you feel abnormal or if you feel unwell.
Preservation methodStore in a cool, dark place avoiding direct sunlight
componentCopaiba oil, Aomori hiba oil, other plant extracts
Liquidity: aqueous emulsion
Country of originJapan
Contact informationLimited company life art club: 0120-43-5511


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