Act Doctor Knee Life (Knee Supporter) M Hygiene Medical Supporter Knee (Knee)

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"Doctor knee life (supporter for the knee) (knee) M" is a supporter for knee joint fixation. It has been devised to capture the movement of joints from the perspective of anatomy and sports medicine. The feature of this product is that it has a shape that the upper part opens from the dish of the knee and it is easy to detach it. Also, to stabilize the motion of the knee joint, by adopting the spiral stay inside the outside, we support the movement of the knee during walking and exercise. It is recommended for people who are burdened with everyday life and knees, such as farm work, standing work and housework, those who are uneasy about their knees.


category Sanitary care
Material item Supporters for knees (knee)
Product brandDoctor series
Internal capacity1 sheet
AM (Applicable range of thickness of thighs 44 - 48 cm)
how to use【How to measure】
Please choose with the thickness of the thigh of 14 cm above the center of the knee dish. If the measured value becomes big, please select the bigger one.
For adaptive measurements, it is a guide only.

【About washing and care】
● Iron · Please do not use chlorine bleach.
● Push wash with a neutral detergent, rinse well Please shade at a later date.
● Avoid using the dryer and dry cleaning etc. as this will cause the product to be damaged, so please avoid absolutely.
please note● Please do not use this product for parts other than knee joints.
● When using this product, when symptoms such as swelling and rash occur, stop using it immediately, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.
● When attaching and detaching the spiral stay from the main body, please be careful enough for handling, as the bounce of the spiral stay is strong.
● Keep away from fire or place it in high temperature. It may cause deformation or damage.
● Avoid combinations with creams and cataplasms, drugs, etc.
Product SpecificationsBreathable neoprene rubber

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