Act Doctor Knee Life (Knee Supporter) M Hygiene Medical Supporter Knee (Knee)

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「ドクターニーライフ (膝(ひざ)用サポーター) M」は、ひざ関節固定用サポーターです。解剖学やスポーツ医学の観点から関節の動きをとらえて、考案されています。本品の特長は、ひざのお皿から上の部分が開く形状をしており、着脱が容易に行えることです。また、ひざ関節の動きを安定させるために内外側にスパイラルステーを採用することにより、歩行時や運動時のひざの動きをサポートします。農作業や立ち仕事・家事など日常生活やひざに負担のかかる方、ひざに不安のある方などにおすすめです。


category Sanitary care
Material item Supporters Knees (for knees)
Product brandDoctor series
Internal capacity1 sheet
sizeM (Applicable range of thickness of thighs 44 - 48 cm)
how to use【How to measure z】
Please choose a thickness of 14 cm above the center of the plate of the knee. Please select the larger one if the measured value is poor.
In addition, it is a standard to the last regarding the adaptation measurement value.

[About washing and care]
● Do not use iron or chlorine bleach.
● Wash with a mild detergent, please rinse well after rinsing.
● The use of a dryer and dry cleaning etc. may cause damage to this product, so please be sure not to do so.
please note● Do not use this product in areas other than knee joints.
● When using this product, if symptoms such as swelling or rash occur, discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor or pharmacist.
● When attaching or detaching the spiral stay from the main unit, be careful to handle it because the spiral stay has a strong rebound.
● Do not place near fire or high temperature. It may cause deformation or damage.
● Avoid using in combination with medicines, such as creams and cataplasms.
Product Specifications通気性ネオプレンゴム

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