Green Bell Screw Earpick Gold GT 402 Hygiene medical earpick

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"Screw Earpick Gold GT 402" is a disk-shaped earpick that can be sniffed on all sides of 360 degrees. It is excellent at scraping out at right angles.


category Sanitary care
Material item Earpick
Product brandGreen Bell
Internal capacityOne
sizeLength 95 mm
how to useDo not hold it too long, try to hold a pencil between the 3 - 4 cm from the tip and do not try to get it from behind slowly soak it gently. Also, please do not open your ears every day and leave a moderate interval.
please note· Bending the body more than necessary may cause deformation.
· Please do not use it when the ear's sickness is left wet in the ear, such as after swimming and bathing.
· Please be careful not to scratch the inside of the ear canal, too much.
· Do not overturn the earpieces inside the ear canal so as not to damage the eardrum, do not force it.
· Be careful of the surrounding environment (after confirming that there are no people around you) please use.
· Please keep out of reach of children.
· Please do not use children only because it is dangerous.
· If you feel abnormal, please consult a specialist.
· If you leave Stain or moisture attached, it will cause Rust and Discolors so please keep it clean and wipe clean after use.
Quality indicationBrass (24K), Plated Gold finish

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