Green Bell Screw Earpick Gold GT402 Hygienic Earpick

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Screw Earpick Gold GT402 is a disk-shaped earpick that can scratch the ear in all 360 degrees. It excels in the effect of scraping at right angles.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Earpick
Product brandGreen Bell
Internal capacityOne
The95 mm in length
how to useDo not hold it too long, try to hold a pencil between 3 and 4 cm from the tip, do not try to get it from the back, and slowly gently remove it. Also, please do not open your ears every day and leave a moderate interval.
please note・ The body may be deformed if it is bent more than necessary.
・ Do not use if you have a problem with your ear wet, such as after swimming or after taking a bath.
・ Please be careful not to scratch the inside of the ear canal.
・ Please do not put too much or forcefully push in the ear holes so as not to damage the tympanic membrane.
・ Please be careful about the surrounding environment (after making sure there are no people around).
・ Keep out of reach of children.
・ Because it is dangerous, please do not use it only for children.
・ Please consult a specialist if you feel any abnormality.
・ Stain and moisture may cause rust and discolors. So after use, wipe clean and keep clean.
Quality indicationBrass (24K), Plated Gold finish


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