Danikurin antibacterial and low odor sheet type 3 pieces

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"Dicklin Sheet Type 3" is a sheet-type tick-proofing agent that can be used simply by putting it on, under and under, closet, closet, bed or futon. I am processing the medicine of the effect that the unpleasant insects are not mixed with the sheet. It does not use an insecticide component. It can also be used in places where it comes in contact with futons. The guideline for replacement is 6 months.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Tick ​​catching sheet (Tick removing sheet)
Product brandDicklin
Internal capacity3 sheets
UseCloset, closet, bed, futon, pillow, kotatsu, carpet, toy box etc

● Unavailable place
Floor heating, flooring floor, plastics floor contact location, plastic materials (such as costume cases)
how to use● Please clean the place to lay the sheet in advance.
● Please cut the sheet according to the place of the place to spread.
● Please lay with the print side of "Dicklin" on top.
※ The print side is the front, but it can be used regardless of the front and back.
※ If the sheet moves, fix the four corners with adhesive tape. (Please prepare the adhesive tape)
※ The effect which can not be fixed is the place where the sheet is in contact. Please use the place that overlaps such as a futon and mats in between.
● The replacement time can be understood by entering the use start date on the sheet.
● After opening, put the remaining product in a bag, keep it sealed with tape etc and avoid direct sunlight.
Usage notes● Please do not leave the place where children can reach.
● Please do not put in the mouth.
● Do not expose to direct sunlight or fluorescent light for a long time.
● Do not use in areas near fire, high temperatures or wet places.
● If you jump on a sheet, you may slip. Please be careful enough.
● The sheet is pulled strongly and Peel.
● When using in humid places, we recommend using a dehumidifying agent.
● Period of effect varies according to use situation.
● Do not store in direct sunlight, high temperature, humid places.
Please keep away from fire ●.
● Please do not use for any purpose.
● Avoid using in combination with other insect repellents.
● The sheet is paper. Please do not wash.
● The odor may be transferred to the side where the sheet is in contact.
First aidIf you put the sheet in your mouth, rinse your mouth immediately.
Discontinue use if the sheet touches your skin and you feel any abnormality.
If any abnormality remains, bring this product and consult your doctor.
componentAliphatic carboxylic acid ester
Country of originJapan
Contact informationUYEKI Customer Service Center: 0120-32-5033


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