Heart optics comfortable personal computer glasses PC 04 - 3 Brown / Stripe sanitary medical glasses for PC (PC eyeglasses)

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"Comfortable PC eyewear PC 03-3 Brown / Red Check" is PC eyeglasses (PC eyewear) that reduces eye fatigue by adopting lense which cuts blue light by 50%. Lense color is a thin brown system lense that is close to the color of the skin, so it is a familiar color in the office and Plat Eve. In addition, since ultraviolet rays are cut by 99% or more, it can also be used as sunglasses.


category Sanitary care
Material item Glasses for PC (PC glasses)
Product brandHeart optics
ColorBrown / Red Check
Usage notes(1) Plasticlense may also be damaged if there is a strong impact. If you use it for intense sports etc., if you touch or hit you, do not use it as it may injure your eyes and face.
(2) This glasses can prevent the glare of rays of daylight and harmful ultraviolet rays in normal use, but does not have other protection function.
(3) Regardless of the density of lense, please avoid direct vision of the strong light such as the sun and welding, use in the tunnel and dark place.
(4) Sweat, hairdressing etc. may be the cause of Discolors. Also, please be careful as it may cause allergy etc. as it is used. Periodically cleaning, looseness of screws etc are inspected and used, please, use.
MaterialFrame: Plastic (superelastic resin TR 90), lense: Plastic
Country of originChina

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