O2 Keaaminosora 120ML *AF27*

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"Fossflakes pillow white 50 x 70 cm" is a pillow using Danish-born material "FOSFLAX". Phosflakes is a material made from polyethylene that is used for food and medicine containers, etc., thinly stretched into a film, made into a flake by Wrinkles processing. I will invite you to sleep deeply with Phosflakes and Polyester one wrapped softly and gently. You can wash in a washing machine, so you can always use it cleanly.


category Home & Kitchen
Material item Feather pillow
Product brandShinohara
weight710 g
how to usePlease remove it from the nonwoven bag and let it get rid of the pillow and pillow so that it will give you air before you use it as it gets lightly compressed.
Please do the same thing after washing.

I put a shoulder on the pillow a little.
OK if you feel that your neck and shoulders are supported.

Please clean your everyday with beating ponce and plenty of air, please prepare the shape.
please note【Notes on washing method】
It is possible to wash at home washing machine (water temperature less than 60 degrees).
After washing please adjust the shape and please shade in the shade.
When tumble dry, please take the temperature to 60 degrees, within 45 minutes, naturally cool after taking out quickly after drying.
Do not wash with the pin attached, there is a risk of breakage.
We recommend using a laundry net. Do not dry cleaning or ironing.

【Precautions for use】
Please do not use it by the stove etc. whose temperature is high. There is a danger of catching fire resulting in fire.
Please do not stab the product with a sharp blade.
MaterialDestination: Cotton 100%
Inside material: FOSFLAX (TM) 70%, Polyester collapse Cotton 30%
Country of originDenmark

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