Nitto Medical Kinesiology Tape water repellent · telescopic type finger · neck beige 25 mm × 4 m 2 pcs NKH - BP 25 sanitary medical kineshio tape (elastic tape)

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"Kinesiology tape water repellent, telescopic type finger, neck beige 25 mm x 4 m 2 NKH-BP 25" is a Kinesio tape (elastic tape) used to support parts that feel pain and fatigue in sports and everyday life. It uses a gentle acrylic adhesive that is gentle to the skin, and because the adhesive is painted in a wave shape, it is excellent in breathability. It is strong against water · sweat, and it is a water repellent type which is hard to peel off even when it is repeatedly pasted.


category Sanitary care
Material item Kinesio tape (elastic tape)
Product brandA nitrite
Internal capacity2 pieces
size25 mm x 4 m
Usage notes· Before sticking the tape, please clean the dust etc. thoroughly.
· If itchy, rash, eczema or other symptoms appear during use, please stop using it promptly and consult your doctor.
- Please do not use it directly for the wound.
- Please stick lightly so that the skin does not leave a feeling of being pulled by the tape.
· If you pull on the edge of the tape and stick it, the skin irritation becomes stronger and it causes rash.
· When peeling the tape, please slowly peel off along the flow of hair while holding down the skin so as not to lift the skin.
Storage precautionsWhen storing, please keep it out of reach of children. Also, avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place with less humidity.
Country of originJapan

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