Lily of the valley Care aid Soft cotton sheet 25x25 cm 4 fold 60 pieces of packs Hygienic medical non-woven fabric Gauze

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"Care Aid Soft Cotton Sheet 25x25 cm 4 fold 60 pieces" is cotton non-woven Gauze made of Cotton 100%, which has excellent water absorbability and is gentle on the skin and has a soft texture. It is palms that are easy to use. Cotton sheets are medical non-woven fabrics Gauze that are used in hospitals. General medical equipment.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Non-woven Gauze
Product brand# N / A
Internal capacity60 pieces of packs
The25x25cm, 4 fold
General medical device notification number23B3X00006000013
how to use● Please use appropriately according to the purpose of use.
● For cleaning when replacing the stoma equipment.
● For cleaning around the bed and around you.
Usage notes● Do not leave in the body.
● Do not use if there is a problem with this product.
During use ●, if you feel irritated, stop using it, please consult your doctor.
● After use, please do not flush the toilet, please treat hygienic.
● After use, please be careful to prevent infection and process.
● Do not reuse what you used once.
● Do not re-sterilize when using after sterilization.
Storage precautionsAvoid direct sunlight and fire ●, keep in a clean place with low humidity.
Please keep out of reach of children ●.
Country of originChina
Indication[Use purpose, effect or effect]
A non-woven covering / protective material used to treat wounds or surgical incisions.
Contact informationSuzuran Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center
TEL: 0120-603-855
Reception hours 9:00-12:00 · 13:00-16:30 (Mon-Fri ※ except public holidays)


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