Lily of the valley Care aid Big wound protection pad 10x15 cm 10 pieces of packs Hygiene and medical care Gauze whole

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"Care Aid Large Wound Protective Pad 10x15 cm 10 pieces" is a protective pad that protects the wound without using adhesive. It can be cut and used according to the size of the wound. It is difficult to get wounded and has moderate absorbency. Barrier property of wrap film to keep wet. General medical equipment.


category Health care
Material ・ Item Gauze all
Product brand#N/A
Internal capacity10 pieces of packs
General medical device notification number23B3X00006000057
how to useClean the wound, place the mesh film on the wound and fix it with adhesive tape etc.
Usage notes● Do not use wrap film on the wound site.
● Clean the wound, take moisture well, please be careful not to contaminate the mesh film.
● Mesh film may get wet, and if it is left as it is stained, it may worsen the healing of scratches.
During use ●, if you feel irritation or rash Please discontinue use and consult a doctor.
● Do not reuse what you used once.
● Do not use if the package is opened, damaged or soiled.
● Please use as soon as possible after opening in order to use it hygienically.
Caution on storage● After opening, avoid direct sunlight and fire, please keep sealed in a clean place with low humidity.
Please keep out of reach of children ●.
Country of originChina
Effect / effect[Use purpose, effect or effect]
-A pad of soft fluffy fluffy lumps used to cover the wound.
-Refers to a wide layered Gauze pad used to cover and protect burn skin and absorb burns exudates.
Contact informationSuzuran Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center
Reception hours 9:00-12:00 · 13:00-16:30 (Mon-Fri ※ except public holidays)


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