Ryukakusan Japan Jelly type OblateIt for herbal medicine Coffee jelly flavor 200g

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"Ryukari Difficult Random Jelly Coffee Jelly Flavor for Chinese Medicines 200 g" is a jelly type oblat that wraps medicines with jelly and makes drinking easier. I firmly incorporate the bitterness and odor of Chinese herbal medicine, and can swallow it without permission. It does not affect the effect of pharmaceuticals. Non sugar. Coffee jelly flavor.


category Sanitary care
Material item Oblate jelly type (medication jelly)
Product brandRyukata
Internal capacity200 g (10 times)
AWidth 95 * Length 35 * Height 177 (mm)
how to useWhen using powdered medicine, put this product in a container such as a cup, please use the medicine together with this product. If you drink only jelly, it will be harder to feel bitterness. Also, in case of medicine with different dosage form, wrapping in jelly and scooping with spoon is also effective.
● After opening, please use the cap within a week after closing the cap and closure and tightly stoppering and storing in a refrigerator.
Usage notes· Because this product is aimed at taking medicines, please supplement the water as necessary.
· Because of the constitution and physical condition of the person who is to be drunk, tummy may become loose, so please be careful of drinking too much.
- Because of the nature of jelly, some moisture comes out. After unpacking, please use after throwing out the moisture that comes out first.
Storage precautionsBefore opening, please save to a place not exposed to direct sunlight, avoiding high temperature. (Frozen impossible)
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.● Ingredients: erythritol, reduced maltose syrup, cocoa powder, agar, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), acidulant, fragrance, sucrose fatty acid ester, sweetener (sucralose)
● Nutrition information table (per bag (200 g)): energy 126 kcal, protein 0.4 g, lipid 0.4 g, carbohydrate 30.4 g, sodium 76 mg, carbohydrate 0.4 g, sucrose 0 g
Properties of this product Acidity (pH 3.7)

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