Earth Nomatto 60 Days Set Cordless

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"Earth No Matt 60 Day Set Cordless" is a cordless electronic insect repellent. It is a non-irritant, non-irritant type with low irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. For 60 days. Quasi drug.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Electronic mosquito eliminator (outlet)
Product brandEarth muff
Internal capacity45ml
how to use1. Hold the main body of the device, set the uncapped bottle on the screw from the bottom of the device, and secure it by turning it all the way to the right.
2. Plug the plug into a power outlet.
3. Turn on the switch.

● Before using the product, carefully read the attached "Instruction Manual" and use it properly.
please note● Ventilate the room from time to time when using it in a small room.
● The upper part of the appliance is hot, so please do not touch it.
● Please do not put it in a place where it gets hot, such as direct sunlight.
● Please be careful not to let children touch while in use.
● If you use the device for many years (7-8 years), the possibility of aging will increase. Replace the equipment that you used for many years with a new one.
componentActive ingredient: Metofluthrin (pyrethroid type) 180 mg / piece

Other ingredients: No. 1 kerosene, liquid paraffin
Product Specifications● Indication: control of mosquito adult
● 1 device / 1 drug bottle
● 60 days (12 hours a day use a total of 720 hours)
● For 4.5 tatami-12 tatami
Storage and Handling Precautions● Use a household 100V power supply.
● Do not use with a table tap.
● Do not insert the wires or pins of the device. Also, do not touch the appliance with wet hands.
● Turn off the power and wipe the stain with a dry cloth. Do not use water, detergents or cleaners.
● Remove the stains and dust of the equipment, please keep in a plastic bag.
● Do not use on the back of a closet or under a curtain.
● The effectiveness and safety of using a bottle other than the ground no mat bottle has not been confirmed, and there is a risk of fire and fire, so the ground no mat bottle must be a dedicated ground no mat device. Please use it.
Contact informationEarth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Customer Service: 0120-81-6456
Reception hours: 9: 00-17: 00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)


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