Towa Industry Adogod Ar Antibacterial Soft Cleaner 5 pieces Date of Sale Sponge (for kitchen)

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"Adogrid Ar antimicrobial hard cleaner 5 pieces" is a cleaner sponge (for kitchen) for tableware and cooking utensils. The surface of the nonwoven fabric with abrasive material is stubbornly removed. Sponge surface can be used on both sides for cleaning dishes etc. Antibacterial processing is applied to the sponge part.


category Daily necessities
Material item Sponge (for kitchen)
Product brandAdgood
Internal capacity5 pieces
Products (per coke)Width 110 x depth 60 x Height 30 mm
please note· After use, wash well, please drain off and dry.
· Do not place near chlorine-based medicines such as fire burners or hot places, drainage mouthfeeding tablets and so on.
· Since the nonwoven fabric surface is abrasive material, please use the sponge surface for those with trouble with Scratch.
· Please use a kitchen neutral detergent for detergent.
· Avoid using alkaline detergents and bleach.
· Please avoid boiling and disinfection · Nikko disinfection will advance deterioration of this product.
· Please avoid how to twist like twisting water.
· Antibacterial effect may not be sustainable depending on usage situation.
- There may be a smell peculiar to the material at the beginning of use, but it disappears while using it.
· Because this product is a consumable item, it deteriorates while using it.
· When discarding it as garbage, follow the rules of each local government.
MaterialNon-woven fabric: Polyester (with abrasive)
Sponge: Poly Urethane

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