Japan Facemask - Make-up is unlikely to fall mask baby pink 3 pieces *AF27*

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"Three-dimensional mask for make-up for ladies is hard to fall into slightly small baby pink 3 pieces" is a women's mask for protected processing that is difficult for foundation and lipstick to attach. Makeup is hard to collapse, makeup is easy. Adopted silver antibacterial filter · ultrafine fiber filter. It cuts 99% of fine particles in the air. I used a soft type ear strap, which hardly hurts my ears even over a long period of time.


Product brandThree-dimensional mask
Internal capacity3 sheets
ColorBaby pink
(1 sheet)90 * 145 (mm)
how to usePlease bend beforehand before wearing the nose fitter.
Please put on the face side where the display on the right end of the mask (Uchi) can be read correctly, spread out on the top and bottom and wear it.

* Please carefully read the above usage and wear correctly so that the front and back are not mistaken.
* When using liquid lipstick such as liquid foundation or gloss lip a little more, it may not be able to obtain sufficient effect.
Usage notes· Do not use those with infants or respiratory abnormalities.
· This product has no effect on toxic gas and harmful dust.
· Please stop using when you feel anxious about masks or feel breathing or feel sick.
· In the unlikely event that symptoms such as itching and rash appear, please stop using it immediately.
· This product is a used up product. It can not be reused by washing. Please use it as a guide for 1 day per day, if you are concerned about Stain please change.
· Because of personal differences, glasses may become cloudy, so please be careful when driving.
- Please keep it out of reach of children.
· Avoid storing in hot and humid places.
MaterialPolypropylene nonwoven fabric, Polyester nonwoven fabric, nose fitter (polyethylene), mouse bar (polypropylene), ear string (Polyester, poly Urethane)
Antimicrobial agentSilver antibacterial agent

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