Chiba Sanchoku take of if-Misoni 180g

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"Chiba Produce Miso Mushrooms Mushrooms 180g" is a canned mackerel that carefully selected 450g - 600g of mushrooms from the autumn morning off Sanriku where greasy flavor rises. We braised only authentic seasoning, combined soybean miso used domestic hataka and raw sugar from Kikaijima, cedar barrooted stock soy sauce using domestic Maru soybean. You can eat it as it is.


Product brandChiba Shinkansen
Internal capacity180 g (solid content: 135 g)
please note● Do not put the can directly on the fire as it may rupture.
● Since the fat may be hardened into granules in white, there is no problem with quality, so please enjoy with confidence.
● Transfer to a dish, etc., save it in a refrigerator after lid, please enjoy as soon as possible.
● Mackerel fillets are also included. Please note that the dorsal fin notes may be hard.
Preservation methodPlease store at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight, heat and humidity.
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.Name of product: Boiled Saba Mush Raw Material Name: Mackerel (Choshi Port), Miso, Sugar, Soy Sauce, (Some of the raw materials include Wheat, Soybeans)
Nutrient: energy: 279 kcal per 100 g, protein: 15.2 g, lipid: 21.3 g, carbohydrate: 6.6 g, sodium: 440 mg, sodium chloride equivalent: 1.1 g, calcium: 150 mg, EPA: 1290 mg, DHA: 1800 mg
Contact InformationSeller CO., LTD. Chiba Shiba Chiba, Chiba-shi, Wakaba-ku 141-1 Wakaba-ku
TEL: 043-254-7791

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