BM Sea MOLDEX Rockets (Washerable earplug) Hygienic medical ear plug with cord

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"MOLDEX Rockets (washable earplug) cord included" is an ear plug which can be used repeatedly by using elastomer material that gently fits to the ear. Effectively cut off harsh harmful high frequency sound. We will pass the sounds necessary for our lives, such as human voice and telephone calls.


category Sanitary care
Material item Earplug
Product brandMOLDEX (Moldex)
(Exterior)Length 134 * Length 84 (mm)
How to use1. Pull up your ears lightly and spread your ears.
2. Hold the core of the earplug and insert it into your ear while slowly turning.
3 The second and third flangers block the ears.
please note· For people with otitis, allergic skin diseases, please use under the guidance of a specialist.
- When removing, please slowly pull out. If you pull it suddenly it may hurt the eardrum.
· Please do not use at bedtime. Flipping may cause the flange to get in the back.
· If it is Stain, wash it with water, please dry well before use.
· If it is damaged, deformed or Stain is bad, please replace it with a new one.
· Please keep out of reach of children.
· If it does not fit correctly, the functionality will be reduced.
· Please stop using it promptly if you feel abnormal.
MaterialThermoplastic elastomer

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