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"[Limited stock] 30 pieces of Cairo not covered with hot-cold cans" is a disposable warmer that does not stick to clothing. Because it is far infrared warmer, warmth expands.
About delivering goods: This item is a product that is not airborne. Dispatch to Hokkaido and Okinawa may be delayed from the scheduled delivery date.


category Sanitary care
Material item Disposable warmer type not regular type regular
Product brandTemperance Kun
Internal capacity30 pieces
(1 piece)130 * 95 (mm)
(Exterior)Width 180 * Length 120 * Height 120 (mm)
how to use1. Be sure to open the outer bag just before using it.
2. Take out the inner bag from the outer bag, shake well and wrap it in cloth etc. and use it.
3. Shake it when the temperature drops.
Usage notes● Low temperature burns are burns that cause symptoms such as erythema, blistering, etc. if you apply a heating element at a temperature higher than body temperature for a long time. Please note that there may be cases of low temperature burns without accompanying subjective symptoms.
** Caution for preventing cold and burns **
● Please be careful not to touch the skin directly.
● Please do not use it from the top of a thin underwear or the like, or in a state that can be held with a belt or the like.
● Please do not use at the same place for a long time.
● Please periodically check the condition of your skin. If abnormality is found, please stop using it immediately.
● In a kotatsu · bedding in the middle · In the vicinity of a heating appliance, etc., it will suddenly become hot and it will lead to burns, so please do not use it.
● Please do not use at bedtime because it is easy to burn at low temperature.
● Those with weak skin, please be aware of low temperature burns.
● If you have disorders such as diabetes, warming sensation and circulation, there is fear of burns, so please consult your doctor or pharmacist.
● If you can not stop using yourself immediately, such as infants and handicapped people, please be careful to use for pets.
● When you feel too hot, please stop using it immediately.
● If symptoms of burns appear due to the use of this product, please stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.

** Other notes **
● Please do not use in shoes.
● Please do not throw or strongly burn. The inner bag may spill the Peel contents.
● I can not eat. In case of swallowing, please spit out the contents and get a doctor's diagnosis.
● If you get in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water immediately without rubbing, please get a doctor's diagnosis.
● Please be careful not to pierce your eyes etc in the outer bags and corners of the inner bag etc.
● Please discard it after use according to the city and town / village classification.
Preservation method● Avoid direct sunlight, please save in a cool place.
● Please keep out of reach of children.
Country of originJapan

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