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"Mizukan sushi's mellow mellow kelp flavor 75 g" is powdered sushi vinegar which you can enjoy sushi easily by simply mixing it with rice. Please do not miss it. Melonious kelp flavor. For rice 5-7 use (8 servings)


category Food
Material item Sushigi
Product brandMitsukan
Internal capacity75 g
Allergic substances contained in raw materialssoy
How to make delicious sushi riceSprinkle evenly 1 cup of rice (warm rice rice 320 g) with 1 tablespoonful of this product (12.5 g) evenly and mix well.
※ Please adjust the amount as you like.
※ There is no need to rice cooked rice for sushi rice.
please note● After opening, seal it tightly with a chuck so as not to get wet, please use as soon as possible.
● Black particles may be seen in the product, but it is part of Okara, there is no problem with quality.
Preservation methodAvoid high temperature and humidity, direct sunlight, store at room temperature
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.Name: powder sushi vinegar Ingredients: sugar, powdered brewed vinegar (brewed vinegar, dextrin), salt, powder okara, powder kelp extract, acidulant, (some of the raw materials include soy)
Nutritional information table: Energy: 32 kcal per serving (9.4 g), protein: 0.07 g, lipid: 0.05 g, carbohydrate: 7.9 g, sodium: 540 mg, (sodium chloride equivalent: 1.4 g)
* Calculated as rice serving 1 serving (240 g). We do not include rice.
Contact InformationSeller Mitsukan 2-6 Nakamura cho, Handa-shi, Aichi prefecture
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