SOD lotion creation type (super mushy type) [Adult]

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"SOD Lotion Creation Type 165 g" is a lubricating jelly of the trout type that is familiar to your skin. It is hard to dry and thick and durable comfort is sustained. Weakly acidic · coloring · nonfragrance.


category Sanitary care
Material item lubricant
Product brandSOFT ON DEMAND
Internal capacity165 g
sizeWidth 78 * Length 43 * Height 160 (mm)
how to useTake an appropriate amount in your palm, spread it directly on your skin please use.
Usage notes● After use, please rinse with warm water, or body soap etc.
● Avoid using it around your eyes.
● Do not use if skin has scars or abnormalities.
● In the unlikely event of skin irritation or abnormalities appear, stop using and consult your doctor etc.
● If it gets in your eyes, rinse with clean water immediately.
● Please note that use in the bathroom may be easy to slip.
● If you use for a long time, rarely it may dry the skin, please care for the necessary part with a commercially available moisturizing cream etc.
Storage precautions● Please use as soon as possible after opening.
● Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in cool dark place.
● Please keep out of reach of children.
Product SpecificationsWater, betaine, glycerin, propylene glycol, carbomer, hydroxyethyl cellulose, TEA, butyl paraben, ethyl paraben
Country of originJapan

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