FLF space hygiene disinfection water business use pre-diplopia 2L sanitary medicine disinfection / deodorant

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"Spatial hygiene disinfection water business use pre-dioprofile 2 L" is highly safe disinfecting and deodorizing water which diluted and mixed food additives by its own manufacturing method. Hypochlorous acid as the main component quickly releases bacteria, most viruses, sources of offensive odor. When it comes into contact with bacteria and organic matter, it gets released fungus and returns to water, so it is safe to hand skin even if sprayed in the air. Sterilization of tools and instruments, Deodorization of garbage, ammonia, etc. Other can be used safely even in any life scene. When using, neither a mask nor a glove is necessary.


category Sanitary care
Material item Disinfection and deodorant
Product brandPulizia (Precious)
Internal capacity2 L
Use· Facilities inside the facility · Deodorization of garbage · Deodorization of toilet · Deodorization · Devices · Devices disinfection · Deodorization of hot water supply room, smoking space etc. · Disinfection around the kitchen etc.
how to use● When disinfecting utensils and instruments, soak in stock solution, remove for 3 minutes or more, then wipe off with a cloth.
● When disinfecting indoors or deodorizing normally, please dilute 2-3 times with tap water before use.
Usage notes● Do not use for purposes other than purpose.
● It is not a drink.
● Do not expose to sunlight.
● When you feel abnormal Please discontinue use. Please rinse immediately as it gets in your eyes.
Quality indication● Components Hypochlorous acid, hypochlorite ion, water ● Standard effective chlorine concentration 200 ppm, pH 6.0 (weakly acidic)
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationSelling agency FLF
Tokyo Metropolitan Arakawa-ku Higashi Oku 1-24-17
TEL: 03-3809-3590

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