Tomotoshi Tiposu eradication A Luco Le 4L Sanitary medicine eradication and deodorant

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"Tissos eradication A Lu coil 4 L" is a disinfectant for a large capacity kitchen using ethanol preparations and the like. As it is made of ingredients that can be used for food, you can use it with confidence in food, as well as chopping boards, cooking utensils, refrigerator and so on. Ethanol concentration is strong at 58%. Food additives (ethanol preparations).
About delivering goods: This item is a product that is not airborne. Dispatch to Hokkaido and Okinawa may be delayed from the scheduled delivery date.


category Sanitary care
Material item Disinfection and deodorant
Product brandTipos
Internal capacity4L
sizeWidth 193 x Length 125 x Height 262 (mm)
Use● Food, tableware, chopping boards, knives, refrigerators, vegetable compartments, cookware, sinks, drains ● cooking gloves, sponges, cloth width ● other, doorknobs, toilet seat disinfection as well

※ Things that can not be used: Leather goods, furniture made of acrylic or Steel, furniture of white wood and paulownia, water paint, wax, varnish etc. are painted.
how to use· Please remove from 4L container and transfer to a container of sterilization A Luco Spray body.
· Spray 20 cm or so directly on the surface of the object. Rinse with water, wiping is not necessary. Please dry as it is.
· When using in a refrigerator, spray directly, wipe it with a cloth etc, wipe it off with a dry cloth width, please do not spray directly.
Usage notes· Do not drink.
· Do not use for applications.
· Keep out of reach of children.
· Do not store in direct sunlight or high temperature areas.
· Be careful of ventilation when using.
· For rough people, use gloves for cooking.
· In case of swallowing, drink plenty of water.
· In case of getting into the eyes or on the skin, rinse thoroughly with water.
· Consult a doctor if there is any abnormality.
· Do not use or store in the vicinity of the fire because there is a danger of ignition.
componentEthanol 58%, sodium citrate 0.2%, lactic acid 0.2%, glycine 0.05%, purified water 41.55%

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