Health Support Japan Turbo Tex Thank you Italian blister 3 m 1 volume Health care Medical taping tape

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"Turbo-TEX Italian pasting blister 3 m 1 volume rolling" is a taping tape with electricity born from the voice of athletes and treatment hospitals. By applying copper (+) and Aluminum (-) with potential difference to the adhesive surface and applying them to the human body, weak electricity is generated and stimulation by weak current is given. It has a certain elasticity and is useful for prevention and protection of muscle disorders by sticking along the muscle.
Moreover, it can deal with the smell of the foot etc. by the bactericidal action of copper. Cotton material which is strong against water · sweat, excellent in breathability · use impression. The water repellent finish surface became possible to be superimposed, it became easier to use because it is hard to peel off even if it gets wet with water or a bath. Even if you do not have scissors, you can easily cut it with hands. Enter 1 volume (3.75 cm width * 3 m).


category Sanitary care
Material item Taping tape
Product brandHealth Support Japan
Internal capacityVolume 1
size3.75 cm width x 3 m
warning1. Do not use people with weak skin or those with allergies, as they may get overwound.
2. Do not use Metal allergy, pacemaker users.
3. Do not use on sites with inflammation, mucosa, or face.
4. Do not use directly on the wound. Symptoms may worsen.
5. Do not use children or children.
Usage notes● When cutting a tape, the scissors cut cleanly, but it has become easy to cut by hand, such as in an emergency.
● The corner of the tape is rounded and it is harder to peel off if you cut it.
● When sticking the tape peel off the back side, please paste directly on the skin.
● Please paste the position of the start of pasting from where it is easy to stick.
● Please wipe the skin well and paste it. It becomes easy to peel off when oil and moisture are attached to the skin.
● After sports and bathing please paste after sweat is pulled.
● Please wash off soap adhering to the tape when bathing.
When peeling ● Please slowly peel along the coat while holding down the skin.
please note1. If you feel itching, please remove immediately. There is a fear of getting rash. (If you should get rid of it, get medical attention immediately and follow the instructions)
2. If it does not fit your constitution, please remove immediately.
3. If you leave a lot of sweat left it will cause itching and rash, please paste it.
How to store● Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place as possible.
● Please keep out of reach of elderly people who need children and supervision.

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