Aime (Eye) Eye Mee Hard Lense Storage Case Orange Medical Medical Hard Lense Case

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"Aimi Hard Lense Storage Case Orange" is a case for hard lense of prism (prismatic type) design that is easy to hold, easy to use, hard to roll. You can store lense in hygienic environment with antimicrobial and mildewproof materials. Convenient through type.


category Sanitary care
Material item Case for hard lense
Product brandAimy (contact lense)
Usage notes● When using, please be sure to tighten the cap tightly.
Please pay attention to the edge of the case and store the lense.
● If you extend the holder with your fingers, it will not return and the lense will fall easily.
● Do not forcibly remove the holder from the cap. It will become easier to come out once you leave it.
● Do not rinse with the tap water together with the holder while keeping the lense in the holder.
● After use, be sure to empty every time, after washing well with tap water, please air dry.
● Please exchange this product regularly with new ones.

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