AN type container for Albose arbose soap solution Hygiene medical soap solution container

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"AN type container for Albose soap liquid" is a screw fixing type container for soap solution. Body part: ABS resin. Tank part: PE resin. Cap part: PP resin. Capacity: 800 ml.
It is a cylindrical container that contains plenty of 800 ml of soap solution. I always designed it to be easy to use for clean hands. In order to thoroughly wash hands, we recommend installing it in a hand washroom such as an office, school, or factory. For Soap Solution, please use a pure vegetable soap solution "Albose soap solution gN" (sold separately) with disinfecting effect.


category Sanitary care
Material item Soap solution container
Product brandAlbose
Internal capacity1 piece
size150 * 180 * 105 (mm)

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