White Cross FC Stellarase LL 4 sheets Enter Hygiene Medical Folding Gauze

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"FC Stellar LL 4 sheets" is fold Gauze with sterile Cotton 100%. This item is called the 8th Gauze at the hospital. You can use it widened according to the size of Scratch. The edges are processed so that lint scraps do not come out when spread. High quality type used in medical institutions. You can take out Gauze without touching it. For absorption of blood etc., protection of the affected part etc. To large affected areas such as waist and back. General medical equipment.


category Sanitary care
Material item Folding Gauze
Product brandFC (family care)
Internal capacityOne sheet pack x 4
A8 cm x 16 cm
Report number13B2X00023000011
how to useOperation method or usage

Remove this product aseptically from the sterilization bag and immediately use it as soon as possible
Usage notes· When opening, breakage, water wetting and other contamination of the package is not to be used, do not use it as a sterile product. · Since the sterilization state can not be kept once the package is opened, it is necessary to consume the whole amount after opening
Contraindication / Prohibition● Prohibition of reuse / prohibition of re-sterilization ● Do not pay attention to the body
Storage precautionsStorage and storage method and expiration date

· Avoid direct sunlight and fire, keep it in a clean place with less humidity · Keep it out of reach of children

Period of use: stated in sterile bag
Shape / structure etc.Cotton 100% folded Gauze
Country of originChina
Purpose of use, efficacy or effectRefers to an instrument consisting mainly of Gauze aimed at adapting to surgical opening, other skin wounds or internal structures, for the purpose of inhibiting bleeding, absorption of liquid, abrasion, protection of organs from drying or contamination
Item specification etc.Water absorption capacity absorbs 7 times its own weight
Contact InformationManufacturer seller: White Cross Corporation

Inquiries White Cross Co., Ltd. Customer Consultation Office Toll-free number: 0120-01-8910
Reception hours / 9: 00-17: 00 (Monday - Friday, excluding holidays)

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