Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Elegance Solen Silver Health Medical Earpick

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"Hello Kitty Earpick Solos Gold" is the earpick of a pleasant oyster feeling in three loops. Absorbs a muffled force by the spring effect of the wire, it is a good stable push. A uniform rounded shape of the wire achieves soft skin touch. I made it hard to scratch my ear skin. Because it can be stored compactly, it is for Cosmetics Pouch's regular items, during traveling and business trips. Color: Gold.
(C) '76,' 15 SANRIO (L)


category Sanitary care
Material item Earpick
Product brandFebruary
Internal capacityOne
how to use【How to use】
● Please use it in a state that it is firmly inserted until the punch stops.
● When assembling, please do not rotate the push against the border of the cap more than necessary. It may cause scratches, peeling etc. of alumite.

[When using from the time of wire storage]
(1) Remove the main unit and the cap.
(2) Insert it into the cap from the back of the main unit.
(3) Insert until the sliding poppet stops.

【Care instructions】
● When you close the cap after use, please remove the earwax attached to the wire and store it. It causes the inside of the body to stay.
● When cleaning, please insert the cap behind the body with the wire out.
(1) Round the tissue.
(2) Align along the loop wire from the back side.
(3) Cover the tissue from the surface.
(4) Please gently wrap around with your fingers and gently slide in the direction of the arrow.
please note【Danger】
● Be sure to inspect for breakage of the wire before use. A broken wire sticks into the ear, causing serious injury. Please confirm it before use and discard if these abnormalities are seen.
● In the unlikely event that the wire breaks during use, please remove it slowly from the ear hole so that the broken wire will not get stuck. If you have scratched the outer ear etc, or if there is a possibility, please check it at the Entrance Hall.
● There is a possibility of hurting the eardrum when inserting earpick too far. Please use with care.

【Precautions for use】
● Please do not use this product except for the application of earpick.
● Please do not use those with a disorder in the ear.
● Before use check the wire bending / breaking state · broken etc. Please discard these abnormalities. Use under this condition is extremely dangerous as it causes injuries to the outer ear and around the ears.
● When using, please be careful about the surrounding environment (check if there is no danger such as there are no people around) Please use.
● Since Metal has conducting property, please be careful when using it near electric appliances and outlets to prevent electric shock.
● Please stop using it as soon as you feel a foreign body sensation or discomfort during use.
● Although there may be sounds that rub the wires against each other during use, there is no one that impairs the quality.
● Please note that too much scalp may cause external ear inflammation.
● When using and handling, if applying excessive force until the wire does not return to its original shape, please stop it as it will cause the wire to break due to Metal fatigue.
● There are individual differences in how to remove earwax with this product depending on the condition of the external ear skin or ear wax.

【Precautions concerning storage and care】
● After use, wrap the cap, please keep the wires stored. If excessive force is applied to the wire, it will cause bending and breakage and it is dangerous.
● Please store in a cool, dry place not exposed to direct sunlight. If salt, moisture, chemicals etc adhere or come in contact with dissimilar Metal, Rust may occur, decolorization or Discolors may occur.
● If it approaches high temperature such as fire or electric heaters, it may cause deformation or damage, please stop.
● Please keep out of reach of small children. Also, please keep away from places and feet where there is a risk of falling.
● Plated Gold of wire may vary depending on usage, but Plating may disappear. Particularly at the tip, the gold color may disappear due to wear depending on the frequency of use · the way of use and metal ingots may come out.
● Please note that alumite treatment may be peeled off when large loads or shocks are applied and scratches and indentations are attached.
● Do not play with inadvertently inserting this product, disassemble, remodel it etc.
● When disposing, please dispose according to the local waste handling regulations.
Product Specifications(Material)
Wire: 18-8stainleStainleStainless Steel Steel steel (spring material, Plated Gold finish)
Body: Aluminum nium (alumite treatment)
Wire fixing part: PP

When stored: 8.3 cm, when used: 13.5 cm (Diameter 0.9 cm)
Weight: 8 g
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationLeben Sales & Information Center Co., Ltd.
TEL: 050-5509-8340

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