3M Japan 3M Multipore Sports Light Telescopic Fixing Tape 25mm x 5m 12 Roll

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"3M Multipore Sports Light Stretch Fixing Tape 25mm x 5m 12 Roll" is a stretch fixing tape using 40 denier thin cotton cloth with excellent feeling of following the skin. It is easy to get familiar with the skin and minimizes the discomfort when sticking. The cotton cloth is treated with water repellent treatment, so it is resistant to sweat and water so it can be used for showering and bathing. The hypoallergenic adhesive is coated in the form of a diamond lattice and has good ventilation.


Product brand3M Multipore
Internal capacity12 volumes
please note● Do not stick this product directly to the wound.
● Do not use this product for fixing catheters or tubes.
● When applying to people with allergies, perform a patch test in advance.
● Please be aware that if this product is pulled and put on it, it may cause persistent skin tension, resulting in skin damage.
● In use, if symptoms such as itching, redness, or rash appear to occur, immediately discontinue use and receive appropriate treatment.
MaterialBase material: elastic cotton cloth
Adhesive: Hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive
Country of originJapan
Contact information3M Japan Group
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