Matsumoto Kin Matsumoto Die New Feeling Earpick Soft Mimokoki White Sanitary Medicine Earpick

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"Matsumoto Die Shin New Feeling Earpick Soft Mimokoshi Kochi White" is a ear-type earpiece with "penetrating" without a pen type with 2 head + tsubo press. It features a soft material's Stain removal function and comfort. Type 1 head is recommended for those who prefer powdered earwax · dry earwax · soft feel. 160 extremely fine brushes with a hook-shaped tip will also firmly catch fine stain. Type 2 small head is recommended for dry earwax · wet earwax · child and small ear hole. The tip is hollow and soft and gently fits into the ear hole. It is safe for children with small ear holes. You can also use it pleasantly with joining the key press function. Refresh wherever you are concerned with reasonable hardness and elasticity head anytime and anywhere. antibacterial. (R) mimicchi


category Sanitary care
Material item Earpick
Product brandMatsumoto mold
Internal capacity1 set
how to use● For safety, be sure to assemble it into a pen and use it.
【Type 1 use】: Connect the cap to the bottom 【Type 2 use】: Rotate the head 180 degrees 【Tsubo push use】: Pushing the palm of the feet, neck etc.
Usage notes● Do not expose to direct sunlight.
● Made of resin goods Please do not bend with a strong force. Please do not use it when the axis is bent.
● Stain at the tip can be washed with water. However, please do not wash with detergent, chemicals etc. absolutely.
● Please do not put too much in the back of the ear so as not to damage the eardrum and the ear canal.
● Please check if there are any people around you. Avoid using it especially in places where children are playing.
● Please do not use only with children.
● Please do not place in high temperature.
● If you feel abnormal, please discontinue use and consult your doctor.
● Do not insert or remove the tip brush part absolutely.
● After use, please keep a cap out of reach of children.
● Some discolors and Stains etc adhere to the product, but there is no problem on the quality.
MaterialEarpick tip (Type 1, Type 2, key press): Elastomer cap · Holder: ABS
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationMatsumoto Mold Co., Ltd.
TEL: 082-433-6838
Reception hours 9: 00-16: 00 (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

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