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"Easy to use - one-time kaolin navy" is a nail clipper that does not spill nail because the sharp razor enters the main body. From cutting to finishing, this one will quickly and cleanly arrange.
It is a specification that prevents deep fingernails and takes safety into consideration. It is a pen type which is convenient for storage and carrying. Remove the lower cap, easy cleaning. On the back of the main unit, it has a trimming blade that you can use as you like. Any person can use it safely. Small child: No worry of deep fingernails and injuries. Parents who are "a bit of nail clippings to children" are safe as well. Regardless of male and female: Not only for women's daily nail care, but also for the appearance of a businessman with a sense of cleanliness. Even for elderly people: No worry of hurting your fingertips even if your hands are not visible. You can clean safely and safely without worrying about the blade of the nail clipper.


Product brandMatsumoto mold
Internal capacity1 piece
AWidth 85 x Length 21 x Height 170 mm
how to use【how to use】
(1) Place your finger along the blade with a V-shaped groove, move your hands and the body, and gently scrape the nails.
(2) Although the amount of scraping varies with the speed of reciprocation, the amount of scraping changes, "basic power" is the basis.
(3) Remove the cap below and you can easily throw away the shavings of nails.
* If you can use the trimming blade in a set, it will be more beautiful finish.

【Care instructions】
● Since the main body is Made of resin, please never wash it with detergents or chemicals.
● Since the blade part is StainleStainleStainless Steel Steel steel, we recommend rinsing, as it will not rust even after washing with water.
● Please wash with water every body.
please note● Please note that the weak (thin) nails are not too sharp.
● Please do not use for purposes other than shaving nails.
● Avoid direct sunlight, please do not place in hot places, please keep in a cool place as possible.
● Made of resin goods Please do not bend with a strong force. It may be damaged.
● Please do not use only with children.
● Please wrap the cap after use, please keep out of reach of small children.
● When there is abnormality in the nail, please do not use.
● If you feel abnormal, please discontinue use and consult your doctor.
● The body can be washed entirely. However, please do not wash with detergent, chemicals etc. absolutely.
● Some Discolors, Stains, etc. may adhere to the product, but there is no problem on the quality.
Product SpecificationsBody · Cap: ABS
Blade: stainleStainleStainless Steel Steel steel
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationMatsumoto Mold Co., Ltd. Customer consultation room
TEL: 082-433-6838

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