Kowa three-dimensional mask normal 50 ordinary white sanitary medicine antivirus mask

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"Three-dimensional mask ordinary white 50 sheets" is an anti-virus mask (normal) that adopted double collection + antibacterial high function 5 layer structure. The double collection filter and the silver antibacterial filter suppress bacterial growth on the filter surface while cutting fine particles in the air (it does not work for all bacteria). Furthermore, it keeps mouth space by double Ω processing & dofit form. Shape retaining nose fitter with fog block film fits tightly to the curve of the nose, prevents intrusion from the gap, and blocks cloudiness of the eyeglasses. It is a soft type ear strap that is hard to hurt ear. Patch tested (It does not mean that skin irritation does not occur to all people).


category Sanitary care
Material item Antivirus mask
Product brandThree-dimensional mask
Internal capacity50 sheets
ANormally / 90 mm x 175 mm
how to use(1) The face on which the character "Inside inside" is written becomes the face side.
(2) Extend the fold of Pleated vertically and spread the mask.
(3) Please bend the nose fitter at the top of the mask to match the shape of the nose.
* Your eyeglasses will be less cloudy.
Usage notes● Do not use those with babies or respiratory tract abnormalities.
● This product has no effect on toxic gas and harmful dust.
● If you feel sick with the mask odor or feel breathing, stop using it.
● If you have any abnormality on your skin, please do not use.
● If itching or rash occurs immediately stop using and consult your doctor.
● Do not use people who have allergic symptoms to Metal, or who are suspected to have allergies.
● Please do not use near the fire.
● Because this product is the exhausted type, it can not be washed and reused. We recommend using 1 day a day from hygiene, but please replace if you are concerned about Stain.
● Since the nose fitter is attached to the top of the mask, please be careful about handling.
● Eyeglasses may be clouded by environmental factors, individual differences, etc. Please be careful when driving, etc.
● Please keep out of reach of children.
● Avoid storing in hot and humid places.
● Please take out from the outer box as much as you want.
Quality indication○ Object: cold · pollen · dust etc ○ Material: main body · filter part (polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene), ear string part (Polyester, poly Urethane), nose fitter (polyethylene)
○ Antimicrobial agent: Silver type antibacterial agent (used for the second layer from the outside nonwoven fabric)
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationKowa Co., Ltd. Pharmaceutical Division Customer Consultation Center
TEL: 03-3279-7560
Telephone reception hours: Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) 9: 00-17: 00

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