Saraya al Gauze 100 wet sanitary hygienic medical wet tissue for eradication

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"Al Gauze 100 sheets entered" is a nonwoven fabric of Cotton material Gauze, which fully contained 72.6 w / w% high concentration ethanol. Since it is a long fiber nonwoven fabric, fibers do not remain after wiping, and at the same time as sterilization effect can be obtained at the time of wiping off. It is a wet tissue for sterilization most suitable for nursing and nursing care products such as thermometers and inhalers, and for cleaning and disinfecting equipment.
Please also go for a handrail and easy wiping around the bed. Fluorescent dyes are not used. Container convenient to take out one by one.


category Sanitary care
Material item Wet tissue for sterilization
Product brandAl Gauze
Internal capacity100 sheets
sizeDiameter 100 x Height 170 (mm)
Usage notes● To prevent the contents from drying out, please be sure to close the lid of the takeout port properly after use.
● Please do not place it in the place where the sun hits or the high temperature.
● Because it will not dissolve in water, please do not flush to the toilet.
● Do not use near fire.
● Please place it out of reach of children.
● Since water-based paints, varnishes, lacquers and the like may be peeled off, test them in an unobtrusive place before using them, and please use them after checking for discolors · alteration.
● Please do not use for styrene products and Leather goods.
componentMain ingredient: ethanol 72.6 w / w%

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