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"【Stock] antivirus goggle FSC · FV" is anti-virus goggle to prevent virus splash from sticking to eyes. There are four ventilation openings, and a ventilation opening has a built-in filter for collecting viruses. Air circulation becomes possible from the ventilation port with built-in filter, not only preventing cloudiness of the goggles and drying of the eyes, but also prevents virus invasion.


category Sanitary care
Material item Antivirus goggles
Product brand# N / A
A155 * 75 (mm)
Usage notes* Please use after peeling off the protective sheet pasted on lense face (both sides) of goggles before use.
1, After using goggles for the prevention of virus infection, wipe the mask with wearing a mask and wipe it well and disinfect it, please shade in the interior. Do not wash it with water as it may lose the function of the electrostatic charge filter for collecting the virus installed in the vent when washing with water.
2, When using goggles at the time of infectious epidemic, you can disinfect each time after use, you can use it repeatedly after shading within 12 hours indoors.
3, When the goggles and overhead rubber are Stain, dilute the neutral detergent with water, soak it in a soft cloth, drop the Stain with your fingertips, then wipe it well with a disinfectant and disinfect it, lightly with a soft cloth other than lense Please wipe it off.
4, thinner, please do not clean with chemicals such as gasoline.
5, Since the Scratch is easily attached to the aspect of lense, please disinfect well with A Lu coil disinfectant and dry it by air drying.
6, Avoid placing it in a place subject to high temperature and humidity, low temperature, or direct sunlight.

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