Pip sub Hemp 2 sheets of oil paper sanitary medical oil paper all

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"Sub Hemp Jin Paper 2 Piece" is a sturdy shrunk oil paper that is difficult to pass through moisture. I use a soft paper with a bandage that is hard to slip and good touch. It can be used by cutting as much as you need, so it is very economical.


category Sanitary care
Material item All of the oil paper
Product brandPip Health
Internal capacity2 sheets
(Per sheet)26 x 38 (cm)
how to use1. Clean your hands and scissors before use, cut it to the appropriate size and use.
2. Please use it by hitting the top of Gouze.
Usage notes● To use it hygienically · Please do not use this product directly for a wound.
· Do not reuse anything you used once.
· Please use the remaining after opening as soon as possible.
● Please do not flush the flush toilet. It will cause the drain pipe to become stuck.
● Please put it in a plastic bag etc and throw it away so as not to become unsanitary after use.
Storage precautions● Avoid direct sunlight and fire, please keep in a clean place with less humidity.
● Please keep out of reach of children.
Quality indicationMaterial: Hemp Henp oil, Japanese paper

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